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So, you've done it, you're on the program, wanting to lose those pounds and inches. Your next big decision was, "What type of diet is right for ME." Well, that's hard to say, and anyone who knows me personally, knows that if it has the word diet attatched to it, I've done them ALL. How was I to know that almost everything in the entire free world that I enjoyed was LOADED with carbs. From the obvious of potatoes, bread, and rice, to the hidden carbs in vegetables, fruits, and low-fat salad dressings. What in the world was I going to eat? Dry salads, eggs, bacon, and any meats I wanted? YUK! Not quite my idea of enjoying life. When growing up, I was supposed to eat my meat, a side dish (normally some sort of potatoe or rice dish), a vegetable and a slice of bread or roll with dinner. I have since learned to adapt my eating habits, and find the hidden fat and carbohydrates in foods, and have lost a total of 65 pounds and kept it off. I have dedicated this site to recipes I have collected and made up over the years. If you would like, you can even ORDER MY COOKBOOK.


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